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Power of garbage

Posted by Sandeep Puri on March 10, 2010

Trapped lightning could help zap trash and generate electricity

Trash is loaded with the energy trapped in its chemical bonds. Plasma gasification, a technology that has been in development for decades, could finally be ready to extract it.

Excerpt from Scientific American.. part of a series of articles about world changing ideas.

The research could have repercussions on energy production in the developing world where trash is as much a big problem in terms of health..

Full article at

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junk fuel

Posted by Sandeep Puri on June 21, 2008

This weeks’s Cringely post is about creating fuel out of trash without carbon side-effects, one of the holy grails for today’s civilization. Sounds too good to be true?

The company
he talks about in the post aims to produce hydrogen, bio-diesel, oxygen, fertilizer and some electricity using a modified plasma burning process.
Here’s what they claim to be able to produce from one ton of municipal waste:
112 pounds of hydrogen
55 gallons of biodiesel
a little electricity
926 pounds of oxygen

May not be for all of nepal yet, but would certainly fit the bill to clear out all the trash clogging up Kathmandu’s rivers.

CWT thermal conversion process

CWT thermal conversion process

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