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Forgotton Warriors

Posted by nepaliaashish on January 20, 2009

History can be forgotten if not preserved well. Recently I came across an image of african slaves’ reunion followed by some historical insights. I then asked to myself whether anyone is building a collection of historical archives related to Nepal. and I came across The Digital Himalaya Project. The goal of the project, according to its website is

Slave reunion

Slave reunion

“to develop digital collection, storage,
and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological
information from the Himalayan region”.

This is fantastic, I thought. Then another thought that crossed my mind was that it would be fabulous to have a digital collection of Nepalis who were awarded with the Victoria Cross. I did find the link for the Victoria Cross winners and The Paramvir Chakra winners, which is the highest decoration in the Indian Army. However, I learned that the whereabouts of the medals and the families of these decorated brave men is now unknown.

It is really sad that these men who represented Nepal in many battles of the past are now forgotten. May be the families of these brave men need to found and honored like they do in the USA on the Veteran’s day.

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